Monday, December 24, 2012

California Christmas

Just a little montage of the first day we spent in Cali with the folks. Derek got me a new lens for christmas and this was the first I got to play with it.
Don't worry, I tried my best to save you from most of the meaningless, impulsive shooting.

Dad's birthday. Exactly half his age.

This baby

New sweater from the pops. Anthropologie has my heart.

Pretty good for fifty... huh?

His face hurts my heart.... in the best way.

Rocky discovered the best seat in the house.... buried in Tundra's fur!

Second best seat....

Can't tell what they want.....

After a yummy christmas dinner we decided to take the doggies for a moonlight stroll around Idyllwild.

Dad got a call from grandma who proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to him.... 3 times. She's so funny.

Love my Babs. Don't worry the strap on her face is not a muzzle. It is just to help my mom walk her. Consequence of a few previous incidents involving my mom being spun around on the ground and dragged down our old cul-de-sac. Funny story.

Later we had a seperate little christmas with just my dad, who(like always) went a little overboard with the presents. He likes to shop. I had to get it from somewhere.
This year he had his darling friend, Donna, wrap all his presents. They were ridiculous! Like the most gorgeous presents you've ever seen. Professional style. He calls her his little Martha Stewart. Makes sense now.....
So I have a little mini montage of some of the cute gifts she did.

Every tag matched every bag. Every ribbon matched every bag/box. It was perfection. I had to force myself not to keep everything.

I sort of themed my dads stocking this year. I just found this store at the Gateway called "Blickenstaffs". It is full of vintage candy and toys. So fun!! Plus my dad loves that kind of nostalgic stuff.

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