Thursday, December 27, 2012

Grotto Hike

While we were in California for Christmas, we went on a really adventurous hike with the family in Idyllwild. Randi knows Idyllwild pretty well, since she spends so much time walking around with friends. She brought us to this awesome little trail called the Grotto. Basically, it is a creek surrounded by large rocks that create really cool walls and ravines. Since it was winter, the creek was much more full than usual and all of the rocks were covered in a thin layer of ice. It was a little dangerous, but made for a great adventure. Especially since we brought Tyler and Tundra with us.
We had so much fun scouting ahead, trying to find the best route for everyone. Exploring hidden caverns, and standing on tall rocks. I felt like a kid again. Where every hike you took was a miniature adventure/survival victory.

When the kids were tuckered out, we found a big tall rock platform where we all sat in the sun wishing we had brought a picnic. Luckily my dad had a small bag of cashews in his backpack. So we all rationed our nuts and rested in warmth before we headed back to reality.

Funny thing. We actually learned a lot about Tundra on this hike. We had heard that Samoyeds are considered to be herders. They like to keep others in the correct path and herd them in a certain direction. Well, this was the first time we noticed. He was totally herding all of us on the hike.
Anytime someone would fall behind, he would go all the way back and encourage them to keep moving. Then he would head back to the front. If I started going a different route he would come over and start yelling (barking) at me. It was so funny.
Plus he was slipping all over on the ice. That was hilarious too.

Ha ha. My dads glove. Kind of makes it cool though.

Mom slipped. You can't tell becasue of the sun, but it is super icy everywhere.

It was actually more scary than it looks walking on that log. Except the consequence is most likely not death, just a really long shower.

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