Saturday, February 18, 2012

Belated Valentines

Since I had to work last Tuesday.... Derek and I went out last night for Valentine’s Day.
He surprised me of course.
We went to Thai Siam’s for dinner because I love that place. Best crabs in a blanket ever! Then we went to see a play called "Les Belles Soeurs", which means "the beautiful sisters" in English. It was a really entertaining show. I loved it. I think Derek might have been dying a bit through the second half. It was rather long and quite girly. The actresses were amazing though. I haven’t actually been to many plays and I forget how intense they are.

After that Derek had planned to go ice skating at the Gallivan Center but it was so cold we decided against it. So we went to Gormandies The Bakery instead. My fave place ever! Tash and I used to go there like every week when we lived in Salt Lake. It's almost exactly like the bakeries in Paris that I loved so much. I got the strawberry ring like I always get, and Derek just stared at all the pastries unable to make such a huge decision.
Then we went home to our cute, new place and ate our scrumptious desserts pretending to be in Paris.
It was a lovely evening.
By the way... this is our fifth V-day together. Crazy how time flies! Were kind of sad that we are starting to forget what we did for the others. Thank goodness for blogging.

This is not our V-Day pic but of course we totally suck and did not get any pictures. 

Oh wait... We did get a couple...

These are the daffodils that Der got me. 

This is at Thai Siam's.... the best crabs in a blanket ever!!

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