Friday, October 28, 2011

Yellowstonage and The Hole of Jackson

Growing up, I heard about Yellowstone so much that I was sure I had it pictured perfectly in my mind.
Those are always the ones that surprise you the most.

Derek and I had decided to go to Yellowstone over his fall break a couple months before, and we invited a bunch of people to go with us. Of course everyone had bailed by the night before, and we were super mad because we needed all the people to cut the cost down for us. After a few hours of sulking, we decided we didn't care about the money and we were just going to go by ourselves. So we did!

We got there late and checked into our crappy little hotel. Of course there wasn't a hot tub, which is super odd since that’s always the first thing Derek checks when booking our hotels. So, we snuck into the Best Western's hot tub and learned all about the must see areas from a fellow hot tubbing dude.

The next morning we got up, had McDonald's breakfast (Mcgriddle...YUM!) and headed into the park.

As beautiful as it was with all the snow, I hope we get to come again at a different time of year. Utah gets cold and snowy enough, that I don't think we needed to get a head start on winter. Plus it was slightly overcast and foggy for most of it, and therefore we didn't get the best view of the Tetons.

My favorite tree!!

I love how you can see steam coming up in the distance everywhere you look. It's actually kind of eerie to think about all the hot, active land under us.
Derek is absolutely fascinated by it. I think it's adorable.

The thing that surprised me the most about Yellowstone was how insanely large the park is. I was picturing like a small area of hot spots and pools all fenced in, not a land mass larger than Rhode Isalnd and Delaware combined. Another surprise was all the adorable buffalo roaming about. I love the idea of National Parks, so much amazing wildlife is preserved and protected. It makes me so happy to see all those buffalo free to do what they please without being affraid of us.


Good Old Faithful

 After spending the day in the park, we ate at the Old faithful Lodge, compliments to a Mr. Jensen, and then headed towards Jackson Hole. We checked into crappy hotel # 2 and then walked around the town all bundled up. We loved Jackson Hole. Such a cute little Cowboy town.

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