Friday, April 8, 2011

Tis the Season??

The answer to the above question is... No!
Someone needs to write a letter to mother nature and tell her that it is April and we need lots of green grass and sunshine.
As bitter as I may sound, there actually was a lot of good that came out of this weekend blizzard. The camera obsession has fortunately not subsided, and I went crazy with picture taking. I just could not put the thing down, even though I still have no idea what I'm doing. There is definitely a lot of trial and error going on. Luckily I had a great canvas to work with.

These were all taken at Derek's house in Sandy.


  1. The last photo is my favorite! Great composition. I had the same sentiment about the weather this morning. It looks and feels like January outside but my soul is aching for July.

  2. Thanks Jess! I know, seriously!! I want spring weather.