Monday, July 21, 2014

Happiness to my father is...

...the ocean.

So he sends me beautiful pics whenever he takes a trip down there. 

And Cessy's of course!

Our fave taco shop back in the day.
Dad still goes here all the time and sends me pics to make m jealous. Jerk :)

Where it all started....
my thrift shopping obsession, that is.
The DAV is like the DI or Salvation Army of Oceanside
We used to go here all the time. 
I miss it. 

Of course, he found a Pearl Jam t-shirt

A lot of his beach trips include a car show. 
Probably, his second favorite thing on the planet. 
Classic cars.

This bug looks so much like Hope when I first got her.
Minus the rack on top.

* Maybe later I will add to this post.. since he is always sending me more beach pics. 

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