Sunday, June 29, 2014

Her knight in shining armor

My grams is the best person I know. 
She is the most loyal, selfless, honest, forgiving, accepting, unique, enthusiastic and perfectly goofy  
human you will ever find. 
Every adjective I just used describes her entirely and not even enough at the same time. 
If that even makes sense to anyone but me. 

She is a better mother to me than most people are lucky enough to have.
And that is coming from a daughter with a wonderful mother of her own. 
I guess I am one lucky girl, to have two amazing moms. 

I have no particular reason to be writing such a sappy post. 
It's not mothers day.
No one has died, or moved away. 
No Birthday or anniversary. 
Just a random inspiration to write the extraordinary truth about a woman who is sorely unappreciated. 

She is the one who deserves to be most appreciated. 
She is the one who dropped me off and picked me up from school, every single day. 
The one who taught me how to read. 
The one who sang loudly, every morning in the car, making it impossible to be angry.
The one who taught me that The Simpson's are bad. ;)
The one who forced me to eat my fruits and vegetables. 
The one who introduced me to Dr. Suess. 
The one who instilled my love for the Golden Oldies. 
The one who put up with my longstanding, competitive obsession with "I Spy" books. 
The one who made sure I knew every Disney movie by heart. 
The one who enjoyed McDonald's soft serve with me nearly everyday. 
The one who took me through Burger King drive through for french toast sticks every time we were late for class because she knew how much I hated walking in late. 
The one who told me to take pictures... all of the time.
The first one to send a Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Christmas, Let's go to the Beach, Happy Thanksgiving...etc... card.
The one who gives the best bear hug any time, any place. 
The one who practiced all of my spelling B's with me.
The one who gives Tundra the tennis balls straight off the legs of her walker. 
The one who reminds me that laughter can heal all. 
And the one who taught me the importance of family. 

I would not be the person that I am today
without the influence of my Grams. 

Only picture I could find right now...
Grams helping me get ready for the Medieval Fair at Dartmouth Middle School

My dad is the one person who treats her the way she deserves. 
Every time he gets a few days off in a row,
he heads out to Victorville and spends it with grams. 
He calls her to check in and chat every single day. 
He comes out for every holiday. 
He takes her out to dinner and rents sappy chick flicks.
 And recently he took her on a trip. 

She mentioned that one thing she wanted to do before her time,
was go on a road trip up the California coast. 
So that is what they did. 


Her entire life, she has been waiting for her knight in shining armor to come rescue her.
At least for now she has my father.

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