Thursday, February 14, 2013

V- Date 2013

Talk about bad timing. This year Derek happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia, checking out a potentially new place of living for us, right over Valentines. So we celebrated early. And a celebration it was.
Derek planned the cutest date ever! 

He brought me home the best chocolates and a cute orchid (that is still growing strong) before our date. 

We walked the whole date. 
And in the snow.
 It was so romantic... especially with our bottle of wine in hand. 

Our first stop was to Faustina. My part of the date planning. 
A charming little restaurant on 3rd South. 
New to both of us. 
A little fancy, schmancy. But reasonable. 

This little dork, cut his hand pretty bad... on a fork. Don't even ask. It was pretty funny asking for a band-aid. 

Stop # 2 was one of our special places in SLC. 
The Gallivan Center Ice Rink.
It's pretty amazing. Lights and snow. Great music. It was cold, but we were in love

Stop # 3 was The Broadway Theater
New to both of us as well. I love old theaters!
Playing was Dream Girls. We had never even seen the film. 

It was fantastic. Amazing acting, beautiful story, and breathe taking music/singing. There was one part where Effy finished a very soulful song, that stood out to me. I turned to Derek and said "That literally brought tears to my eyes." Thinking he would make fun of me..... He replied, "Me too!" Ha ha! Made my night. 

V- Date 2013 was more than a success... it was like walking back in time to a place where Derek and Kristen were just beginning to learn of the love they had found. 
That is what Valentines Day is all about, right?

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